Environmental Fashion & Glamour

Early morning walk at sunrise photo shoot in Honolulu. Makapu'u beach is a popular spot for Oahu family photographers and people looking for a couples photography session.

Until now, I’ve never been remotely interested in environmental fashion photography, and learning about this genre of photography has been a slow transition. I understand fashion photography is all about clothing rather than the subject, but I have always been a beauty and glamour photographer and have always put more emphasis on the beauty aspects of the subject in front of my lens. Clothing has always taken a backseat to the main subject.

Sunrise bikini swimwear photo shoot at Makapu'u Beach on Oahu. A popular spot for Oahu photographers and those looking for the best place for couples photography.

In exploring the world of photography, I have gravitated towards a style that falls between fashion and glamour. This has been an exciting journey as I experiment with different poses, primarily with natural lighting and some flash. My models have brought outfits to create truly stunning images.

I appreciate how fashion photography allows me to showcase clothing and accessories artistically, while glamour photography lets me capture the confidence and beauty of my subjects. It’s quite a delicate balance, but I enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect mix, but I am still learning & experimenting.

Early morning swimsuit photo shoot at sunrise at Makapu'u beach park. Early mornings are popular times for Oahu photographers. Warm colors give Honolulu photography a special look.

I have been exploring different photography styles lately and want to pursue a more environmental, editorial fashion style. I love how fashion photography can tell a story and convey a mood. This style allows me to be more creative with my images, especially outside of a studio. I am excited to experiment with different lighting, poses, and wardrobe choices to create a unique, eye-catching style.

An early morning walk on the beach at sunrise with Rey.

My growing fascination with environmental editorial fashion photography and how it conveys the essence of a moment that tells a story through images is truly captivating. I’m eager to delve deeper into this style and discover the unique and creative images I can produce. Here are a few images from my last photo shoot with Rey, owner of Kimi Collective Swim, clothing & wearable art.

Sunrise bikini swimware photo shoot at Makapuu Beach on Oahu.

Creating memories from the heart ❤️…Aloha

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